4-H Update and Changes

2021 Stay Connected! In-person meetings

2020 Ohio 4-H Transition Planning Guide for In-Person Meetings


Jr. Fair Offical Schedule



Highland County Jr. Fair

2022 Jr. Fair Changes

2022 Tagging Procedure

2022 Jr. Fair Entry Day


 Summer 4-H Judging and State Fair Qualifying Special Interest Schedules

Day 1 July 13th, 2021

Day 2 July 14th, 2021


Pre-Fair 4-H Judging Schedule

August 21st, 2021


Jr. Fair Animal Move-In Traffic Map

Pending for 2021


Decorative Area Around Fairgrounds Contest

Decorative Area Around the Fairgrounds Entry Form


Baking Contest Schedule

Baking Entry Form


Jr. Fair Demonstration Contest Schedule

Demonstration Contest Form


Sewing Challenge Schedule

 Sewing Challenge Form