Program designed to meet criteria established for “Agricultural Fertilizer Applicator Certification Program” as established in legislation Senate Bill 150 that is administered by the Ohio Department of Agriculture.

Individuals who spread their own fertilizer, not including manure, on 50 or more acres of crop land that the crop is primarily produced to sell will most likely will need this certification. For possible exemptions call the Ohio Department of Agriculture at 800-282-1955.

If the individial holds a pesticide license he or she will be required to attend a 2 hour session for the fertilizer certification.  These classes will be help inconjunction with the pesticide re-certification classes.  There will is no charge for the training or certification for those with a pesticide license.

If individuals have no pesticide license they will need to attend a 3 hour session. The 2 hour session offered with the pesticide re-certifications will NOT work. Upon completion of the class individuals will receive a $30 invoice from the Ohio Department of Agriculture which must be paid before certification will be completed.

For those without a Pesticide License:

If you do not have a pesticide license you are required to have a 3-hour training session. 

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